Here are some examples to get you started. As you can see Protime has a quite flexible identity. As long as you use the corporate colours, the right typography and put everything on the grid, there is not much you can do wrong.


Our corporate identity is based on a grid. The grid is used on the website, in print, in presentations, … It serves two purposes: in the first place it makes sure the company is presented consistently and meanwhile it provides a flexible structure, thanks to the large amount of variations and options.

Grid rules



Protime's baseline is "make time valuable". The baseline can be used on the backsides of brochures, writing paper, business cards or other documents. The baseline sits in a block that fits into the grid.

Baseline rules


Visit Cards



This is an example of a square reference case leaflet. 

P.S. for more commercial flyers an templates, please contact Marketing.

Protime Styleguide2022 Example Leaflet

Folder or document cover

A document folder consists of 4 elements: our Protime logo, a Protime picture, a Protime spark and a Title banner

The title banner box is always in a Protime blue color and has these fonts:

Cover Titles

Font: Poppins Bold
Size: 40 pt
Leading: 48 pt
Align: left

Cover Subtitles

Font: Poppins Bold
Size: 20 pt
Leading: 24 pt
Align: left

Document title (When there is no subtitle)

Font: Poppins Bold
Size: 60 pt
Leading: 72 pt
Align: left

Document Cover3

Folder or document content

The document content is easily used by downloading the Protime Word Template.

Protime Styleguide2020 Word Content2

Protime Styleguide2020 Word Grid

Protime Styleguide2020 Word Content

Folder or document Back

Protime Styleguide2020 Leaflet Back V2