All our icons are here! The icons are downloadable in all our colours and are also available with a transparent background. On some screens, the blue of the icons mismatch the blue of the PowerPoint presentation. 

The SVG-file can be requested via marketing@protime.eu If you are missing something, contact the marketing team!


Also the icons got a refreshing upgrade! All solutions are covered with more than 70 icons. If you are missing an icon, please contact us!


P.S. The Icon structure is being worked on, so you can find the right icons faster with a clear overview and tags. Update coming soon!

Example Icons Duoblue


A brand-new asset to the Protime branding are the 'clockhandles' (or Protime 'Spark'). As you might have noticed, this is a direct derivation of the SD Worx Spark. With this subtle new styling element, we are making a visual connection to our mother company SD Worx. This element is used in all commercial communication (website, documents, leaflets, presentations, ...).


Protime Spark Variant 1