Strobbo is an independent daughter company of Protime, operating under their own brand and style, which you can find on this page to use in your communications.


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Main Presentation

This is the main presentation of Strobbo in the 2020 theme. (updated may 2021)



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Word template

Updated: 24/10/2022

Important note: To correctly use this template, you need to have the Strobbo fonts installed (Comfortaa & Proxima Nova)

Strobbo Word V2

Strobbo Word V1


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Strobbo Template With Cover V2022 Example 1 docx 1.63 MB
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Primary colors:
58 3 76 0 (cmyk) - 123 185 97 (rgb) - #7bb963 (hex)
0 0 0 50 (cmyk) - 155 155 155 (rgb) - #9B9B9B (hex)

Secondary colors:
 64 55 52 54 (cmyk) - 68 68 68 (rgb) -  #444444 (hex)
light grey: 
 5 4 4 0 (cmyk) - 245 245 245 (rgb) -  #f5f5f5 (hex)

Accent colors:
Teal dark (blue-green): 
79 14 45 1 (cmyk) - 0 157 151 (rgb) -  #009d97 (hex)
Teal light (blue-green): 
32 0 32 0 (cmyk) - 188 221 194 (rgb) -  #bcddc2 (hex)
12 72 79 2 (cmyk) - 214 96 59 (rgb) -  #d6603b (hex)
16 11 68 1 (cmyk) -  224 210 106 (rgb) -  #e0d26a(hex)

Strobbo Colors Primary

Strobbo Colors Secondary

Strobbo Colors Accent


The font is Comfortaa (headings) and Proxima Nova Light (body text).

Heading 1
Comfortaa Bold
40 pt
Leading 45 pt

Heading 2
Comfortaa Bold
20 pt
Leading 25 pt

Heading 3 / accent
Comfortaa Light
10 pt, Leading 15 pt
Spacing 100, CAPS

Proxima Nova Light
9 pt
Leading 11 pt

Strobbo Fonts


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Comfortaa zip 440.45 KB


The standard logo is grey with green (Strobbo Logo 300Ppi).

On color backgrounds, use the white version (Strobbo Logo 300Ppi Light).

For new introductions, use the logo with the byliner (Strobbo Logo Slogan Grey)


The Strobbo 'toggle' can also be used in designs as a graphic element.

Strobbo Icon 300Ppi


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Strobbo Icon 300Ppi Cmyk Green jpg 677.91 KB
Strobbo Icon 300Ppi Cmyk Light jpg 666.75 KB
Strobbo Icon 300Ppi Green png 3.81 KB
Strobbo Icon 300Ppi png 11.19 KB
Strobbo Icon 300Ppi Cmyk jpg 684.3 KB
Strobbo Icon eps 610.48 KB

App icon

Strobbo App Icon


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It is important that the photos are well exposed, have a nice composition that doesn't look too busy and generally radiate calm and "happiness".

Pay attention to bright colors that contrast sharply with the corporate identity colors.
Preferably not too clear stock photos. Search a bit further, look at the next page and choose one that doesn't look "computer made".

Watch out for underexposed photos.

Strobbo Images Do


Here you can find an overview of the digital commercial leaflets of Strobbo.

Linkedin profile banner

Give your Linkedin profile that extra Strobbo power by adding a branded Linkedin banner!


The banner is available in NL, EN and FR.

Strobbo Linkedin Profile Banner Example


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Strobbo Linkedin Profile Banner Nl png 126.7 KB
Strobbo Linkedin Profile Banner En png 132.58 KB